West Michigan Family-Owned Business Finds Successful Transition with Left Coast Business Brokers

West Michigan Family-Owned Business Finds Successful Transition with Left Coast Business Brokers

Muskegon Michigan - Hardware Distributors, Inc., founded in 1952, was a third-generation family-owned business operated by Dan Workman and his three cousins. In a recent transaction, Eric Seifert from Left Coast Business Brokers was able to successfully sell Hardware Distributors, Inc to Greg and Jill Lamphere. Greg is a sales professional and has a worked in the paper and packaging industry. Jill operates a family business.

Family-owned and operated businesses are an extremely important part of our local economy. According to Grand Rapids’ Family Business Alliance, the greatest part of America’s wealth lies in family-owned businesses. This is why Left Coast Business Brokers takes time and pride in the work they do to help locally-owned business transition ownership.

Some local companies are struggling to survive and compete with big box stores especially with the current economic climate. Left Coast Business Brokers has the experience to find win-win solutions for local companies looking to buy or sell. A key factor when working with Left Coast Business Brokers is their desire to keep business local when scouting opportunities.

Eric Seifert, Principal of Left Coast Business Brokers stated, “A special relationship exists between familyowned and operated businesses. These family-owned businesses provide a humanistic and supportive atmosphere because they are run by people who live and work in the local community. By connecting local opportunities, the majority of the company’s wealth stays in the local economy.”

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