Chris Carlson – West Michigan Grinding – The Insider Advantage

As with most important decisions, pros and cons exist in making the choice to purchase the business that employs you. And some elements of the decision are both a pro and a con. Such is the case when you decide to purchase your employer’s business. As an “insider” you are generally very familiar with the operations and personnel involved in the business, which gives you a distinctive edge over an outside purchaser.  At the same time, that advantage can create a blind spot as you make a buying decision based on your presumption that the business will continue operating as it had in the past, prior to you taking ownership.  Even if no immediate changes are made in operations, there may be changes in performance as the people who knew you as a fellow employee adjust to the idea of you as their new “boss”.  That being said, however, the advantages an insider has in purchasing a business generally outweigh the challenges.